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Hey. You are here!

With this admin panel, you can control the "Liveweb" web display template in real time!

When it wants to make a change, it is implemented in seconds on this mobile application. You don't need to send updates to the Google Play Store every time you make changes, like other webview products. With this panel, you can control your application very easily and quickly. In this way, even if you do not know any software, you will be able to master your application!

With this panel, you can activate / deactivate the splash screen, change the animations on the splash screen, add / remove the right menu or top menu, add up to 7 menus and websites to the right menu, add and remove the swipe to refresh feature, from 6 themes of the application. you can choose one, integrate Google Admob Ads, control ads.

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Who am i?

I'm a developer who lives in Istanbul, Turkey. I work extensively on private projects on mobile and web applications.

E-commerce sites and themes, websites and electronic software are just some of the main things I do. IOT applications, android and ios applications, website software, Smart phones and televisions, unmanned aerial vehicles, electronic devices that can be controlled over the internet or network, and similar technologies excite me. I like to produce and develop software related to these technologies.

If you need one of these, you can contact me. I can help you and help you through this whole process to complete your crazy project together.

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